About For Kidney's Sake

For Kidney’s Sake is the leading go-to organization when you want to get going.  For Kidney’s Sake is the only company whose mission is dedicated to offering kidney disease patients programming that will help increase the patients level of socialization and physical activities leading to a better quality lifestyle.

We serve all of the 5 boroughs of NYC and Long Island, both Nassau and Suffolk Counties and pride ourselves on the quality and innovative events that we offer.  Angela L. Davis, our Founder/President, is currently a dialysis patient and has a keen understanding of the needs of this community.

FKS was formed for this reason. Our mission allows us to provide exciting adventures that offer social and physical experiences.  We cater to the young adult, the elderly, caregivers, family members, etc.

An event with us is much more than an affiair… it’s an experience! For Kidney’s Sake was founded on the basis of creating a platform with programming that offers CKD/dialysis patients opportunities to interact, meet, and socialize with others suffering from similar ailments. As a current dialysis patient myself, I am fully aware of the toll this illness takes on your emotional, psychological health as well as your physical health.

Many patients have felt the loss of of socialization due to routine changes and the pangs of depression in addition to the isolation many feel they face from society. So to combat these issues, For Kidney’s Sake was developed to provide balance and positivity in their lives.

Improving the Lives of Dialysis Patients One Day a Time!