Dawn M. Lowery-Dawson

Dawn M. Lowery-Dawson holds the role of CEO at For Kidney’s Sake, Inc. She has a professional background in Administration, and additionally holds a Legal Executive Assistant certificate.

Dawn was employed as an Administrative Assistant up until she was diagnosed with CKD in June 2004. She spent seven years on hemodialysis. During this difficult period in her life, Dawn endured not only her own mental and physical pain, but also watched others; some even friends that she made in her dialysis unit go through the same – and sometimes worse.

Seeing this prompted her to become a Patient Advocate. She wanted to be that listening ear – that gentle touch – that voice that they could turn to when they felt they had none. This also helped distract her from her own issues in dealing with dialysis. After the devastating death of a close friend who was on dialysis with her, Dawn knew that she wanted to do more. She decided to become an advocate for CKD/dialysis patients everywhere – in her friend’s honor, and in honor of everyone battling this debilitating condition. In April 2011, Dawn finally received her kidney transplant.

When Angela Davis said she needed a transplant recipient on her board, Dawn immediately jumped at the opportunity. To be a part of For Kidney’s Sake organization, a cause close to her heart, is something that has filled her with honor and great pride. Reaching out to people who suffer from CKD and are on dialysis means the world to someone like Dawn who already loves to help people. The feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness that patients go through are something that she has felt firsthand.

Dawn hopes to continue to work with and be a part of the For Kidney’s Sake family in the future, assisting in its growth and development. She loves poetry, reading, writing and spoken word. She aspires to open her own poetry lounge, become a published author and motivational speaker.