Leigh Anne Cursio

Leigh Anne CursioLeigh is a board member and Volunteer Coordinator of For Kidney's Sake.  She also is currently the Senior Dietitian for Atlantic Dialysis Management Services and has been a dialysis dietitian for more than 10 years.  She is responsible for overseeing dietitians at dialysis centers throughout New York and Long Island to ensure the care of dialysis patients is maintained by providing individualized nutrition care via a variety of nutrition education techniques. She has had experience working with patients receiving In-center HD, Peritoneal dialysis and Home Hemodialysis.

In addition, Leigh is also a 200-hour certified Yoga instructor and currently pursuing her 500-hour certification through the Always At Aum Yoga School.  She became involved in For Kidney’s Sake, sharing her passion for yoga by providing Chair Yoga, Meditation and breathing techniques to dialysis patient during their meetings.  She hopes to continue to share her passion for Yoga with dialysis patients throughout the years.  In her spare time she likes to run, travel, cook and spend time with family and friends.