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I titled this blog, “Patient To Patient” because although I am no longer a dialysis patient, I am a transplant patient and I still have chronic kidney disease and I will have it for the rest of my life… and it’s ok because it has to be.

I work with patients 5 days a week at a dialysis unit. I love my job. It’s rewarding and sometimes emotionally draining and heartbreaking.

You see, every month or so, I lose someone dear to me. I lose someone who I watched fight for their life. They’ve told me their life stories, they’ve laughed with me, cried, vented, gave me hugs, blessings & smiles. They trusted me because they knew I knew. When they go to be with God, it tears me apart each and every time, but I take comfort in knowing that I was there to support them and make them smile. I have them much more than I was supposed to. I gave them love. When I was hired for this position, I was told not to over identify with the patients. LOL! Anyway!

When I walk in that unit I’m giving those patients everything that I needed and wanted when I was on dialysis. A smile. Conversation. An ear. Support. They get the best of me. We are all warriors fighting the same fight. I never lose sight of that. That’s why I’m so good at my job.

Don’t skip treatments, take your binders, love the life God has given you, live, don’t give up, tomorrow is a new day…

God loves you

Written by Dawn Lowery

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